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Vietnam Amazing Travel
I have to admit the fact that without you every thing was so bad
I have to admit the fact that without you and your staffs, our Vietnam tour would not have been a successful one. Vietnam is a great destination for all tourist in over the world,I agree. But what made our trip a memorable time was the high standard of service

Hi Vietnam Amazing Travel, I have to admit the fact that without you and your staffs, our Vietnam tour would not have been a successful one. Vietnam is a great destination for all tourists in over the world, I agree. But what made our trip a memorable time was the high standard of service that you provided. Without you help, I don’t think I would have enjoyed my Vietnam trip to this extent. The guide  you provided did a great job in making every destination an interesting place to visit. The vehicles were also new to look at and comfortable to travel. Thanks for all that you did!

Peter Roberts

Our trip was completely fun filled. Excitement was all over. There was always somethings to look forward to. We enjoyed trekking a lot. It was a great experience. Our guide was a charming and friendly man adding more joy to our trip. I want to send a special thank the Vietnam Amazing Travel for the good service that it provided. The team did great work in making the tour an exciting one. Besides, our co-passengers were nice too. The food was delicious. I enjoyed Vietnamese cuisine a lot. Its delicacies are different from those in our country. All together our trip to Vietnam was an unforgetable experence.

Giel and Anh Dao

 Thank you Vietnam Amazing Travel for the great experience that you provided. Sight-seeing in Vietnam was great. The land has a variety of natural scenery to offer. It was a nice experience meeting friendly local people. Our guide took great care making us feel at home. He was quite informative too. I adored the way he spoke to our group. I loved the yummy food too. We could sense that your travel company had made a lot of effort to give our journey an enjoyable and comfortable moments. Keep moving on. Thanks a lot once again.

Ms. Hennilya



 Vietnam is a beautiful country. We visited various pleasant place. I loved the visit to Halong Bay the most. The scenic beauty of untouched nature offered great relaxation. The services offered by the Vietnam Amazing Travel were greatly appreciated. The guide and other staffs did their best to make us comfortable all through our Vietnam trip. The vehicle drivers and our guide had much knowledge of the places that we visited. Food provided was also quite delicious. The hotels were luxurious and offered a comfortable and relaxing stay. I would definitely recommend the Vietnam Amazing Travel for its dedicated service to my friends. 

Reid Farrell

  Thanks for asking us to give our feedback. My family including me, my wife and two adorable kids took the trip to Vietnam with the Vietnam Amazing Travel. Right from the beginning of our trip to its end, the dedicated services provided by the Vietnam Amazing Travel were good. The warmth with which they attended to our needs impressed us. Our kids had a wonderful funy time. We loved the beautiful village scenes, swimming, trekking, comfortable hotel rooms, shopping and the tasty food. Vietnam Amazing Travel had taken utmost care in making our trip great fun.

Di Jiang
New Zealand

  Vietnam Amazing Travel, thanks for your team for the wonderful services that you offered during our tours. The places that you had picked out for our visits were great and adorable. The scenic beauty of Vietnam is marvelous. Coupled with your great service, the travel was fun filled. The Vietnamese local were quite friendly and nice to us. Our guide  was too approachable and had good knowledge of our destinations. A big thanks for providing luxurious vehicles for our travels. We did not feel tired even during the long journeys. All my family members want to send you a sincerely thank, Vietnam Amazing Travel for the good work done.

Jan Jike

 It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Vietnam Amazing Travel. We are glad that we opted for the Vietnam Amazing Travel for our trip to Vietnam. It did a great job in making our journey a pleasant one. The dedicated service that the staffs offered was soothing. The country had many lovely sight- seeing destinations which we thoroughly enjoyed. Our guide did a great job in providing short and sweet necessary information about each site that we visited. His brief, yet friendly way of speaking completely charmed all of us. Vietnam Amazing Travel's team took care in every possible way to ensure our safety and enjoyment. We are thankful to this tour company. 

Claudia Fanjul

 We visited many places in Vietnam. The urban areas offered ancient sites of historical importance to visit, while the rural areas had natural scenery that cooled our eyes. Vietnam Amazing Travel took good care to see that we were comfortable everywhere we went. Our safety was their major concern. I am really thankful about that. Besides, they also saw to it that we were well informed about the various destinations we were taken to and their importance, if any. Our guide was the major highlight of the trip. He spoke good English and explained things in a brief and charming manner. We greatly enjoyed the Vietnam trip.

David Aronow

  The lovely Vietnam is truly an amazing destination for travelling. We loved every bit of the trip to Vietnam. With Vietnam Amazing Travel, we felt completely safe and happy. The hotel rooms were provided with enough luxury. The foods were great. The coaches, cars and other modes of travel provided were good. The drivers and guide knew quite a lot about the places we travelled. They behaved decently with us. The other services offered by Vietnam Amazing Travel were also good. Without your team’s friendly service we would not have enjoyed the tour as much as we did. Thanks Vietnam Amazing Travel.

Daniel Holly
Daniel dth2@mail.msb.edu

Hi Vietnam Amazing Travel, Thanks a lot for the nice service that you provided during our trip. We enjoyed it thoroughly. We had a great time relaxing over the scenic natural beauties of Vietnam. The landscapes were absolutely beautiful, especially at Halong Bay. The exotic wild species of birds and animals were amazing. Our guide, the staff, the food, the hotel rooms, the vehicles, the trekking, the kayaking, the swimming, everything was great. Your services made the trip a wonderful one. I, my wife and kids had a wonderful vacation. The shopping spree you took us on was a memorable one. My wife bought some nice traditional handicrafts from there. 

Naveen Kohli (vidur)

 Although my reply to your mail is quite late, I am happy to write a good testimonial about the services offered by the Vietnam Amazing Travel during our tour to Vietnam. You offered us enough enjoyment and information at the various tour destinations you took us to. We explored a lot. Your tour schedule allowed enough space and time to enjoy. A well planned tour through Vietnam I should say. The hotels that we were taken to for our night stays were clean, comfortable and luxurious. The guide spoke good English in an understandable way. He had good amount of knowledge about the places too.

Shiori Pike
Shiori pink@hotmail.com

 Before I began the trip, I was worried a lot about the cleanliness factor. But once in Vietnam, I understood that this mattered a lot to Vietnam Amazing Travel  too. The vehicles, the hotels, the bathrooms and everything were sparklingly clean. I knew I no more needed to worry about my kid’s hygiene and health as the sanitary conditions were good. Along with cleanliness you had taken a lot of care to provide us luxury too. Thanks a lot Vietnam Amazing Travel. The Vietnam trip was great. As a family, we would like to take another trip to Vietnam to enjoy the relaxation that nature provides coupled with the clean and luxurious stay provided by Vietnam Amazing Travel.

Ben Chiang


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